Herbs for Emotional Balance

woman-yoga-balance-park-web.jpgEmotions play a critical role in our lives. They inform us of our social and spiritual needs and they motivate us to find harmony, balance and happiness in our lives. Most of us have been taught that our emotions can't be trusted, but Steven Horne and Thomas Easley present a different viewpoint on emotions in this webinar. They explain that emotions are always honestly trying to communicate with us, but that our mind misinterprets the message because of what we have been taught to believe about emotions. 

In this webinar, Steven presents his basic emotional model and talks about how we tend to either "deny and suppress" our emotions or "blame and vent" them. He presents us with another option, which is to listen to the emotion and understand what it is trying to tell us about how we need to change our lives. Then, Thomas Easley and Steven Horne will talk about various single herbs that can aid the process of emotional balance. Understanding that herbs have "personaliities" that can match to the personalities and emotional issues of people is a very advanced form of herbal wisdom and this webinar will open your mind to new ideas about how to use many plants you may already be familiar with.

Herbs that Thomas and Steven will discuss include: Peach, Wild Cherry, Lemon Balm, Sassafras, Goldenrod, Osha, Burdock, Devils Club, Mimosa bark, Lavender, Rose, Linden, Hawthorn, Pulsatilla, Skullcap, Holy Basil, Milky Oats, Calamus, Lobelia, Wood Betony and Ashwagandha. They will also talk about a few nutrients to help with emotional balance, including Magnesium and Lithium.

This webinar was originally held for members of our Herbiverse. Unfortunately, Steven failed to record it properly, so we did it again. The webinar recording lasts a little over two hours and is loaded with really insightful information about how herbs affect people's emotions. It was recorded on January 11 and is now in the member area of the herbiverse. Join the herbiverse to see this and hundreds of other webinar recordings.