Heavy Metal Detoxification

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Even after removing the amalgam fillings in your mouth, it doesn't mean that all the mercury is out of your tissues. In fact, removing the fillings can precipitate a kind of “healing crisis” because it can mobilize mercury in the tissues as the body tries to dump it. Therefore, it is wise to for anyone who has amalgam fillings or who has recently had one removed, to do a mercury detox.

Here are some things I would recommend for a “heavy metal detox” for mercury and other heavy metals.

  • 1 Tablespoon of Flax Seed oil or 2 Super Omega-3 EPA twice daily
  • 1 Heavy Metal Detox twice daily
  • 1 N-acytl-cysteine
  • 6-9 Algin three times daily or 1 tablespoon Nature's Three in a glass of water or juice twice daily
  • Once or twice a week take a drawing bath with Hydrated Bentonite (1/2 bottle) or a cup of any other fine clay. (I purchase Redmond Clay in 15 lb. boxes.) Another option is to take a foot spa bath.

When doing this program, make certain your bowels are moving at least two to three times per day. If not, you may wish to take some Gentle Move or LBS II at bedtime. You may wish to do a general cleanse before starting the heavy metal detox program. This ensures that all eliminative channels are open.

Some optional ingredients you can consider adding to enhance the program include: alpha lipoic acid, hydrated bentonite (internally), Bowel Detox and MegaChel. You may want to muscle test these items to determine if any of them are needed as part of your personal heavy metal detoxification program.

On the last page of this article, I talk about fluoride and the hazards of fluoride treatments.

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